How to recharge your cell phone according to your company

We live in a world where communications have become essential, which is why we always stay connected through computers, tablets and especially mobile phones.

Many people prefer to hire a prepaid internet flat rate, others control their balance with small installments from time to time, in any case, recharging is still a necessary procedure for everyone.

Communications companies offer you different ways to recharge a mobile, you can recharge your mobile balance online, through a call or in person by going to authorized agents.

We tell you all about the phone recharges of the main companies inside and outside of Spain.

Top up mobile online

Currently, it is possible to recharge your mobile balance from the comfort of your home or work with the help of a computer that has internet access.

Most communication companies allow you to manage your mobile recharge in this way, not only in Spain, but anywhere in the world in just seconds.

The operations to recharge mobile online are very easy, just navigate to the website of the mobile operator, write the phone number and the balance to recharge.

With this system, you have the advantage of saving a lot of time that you can spend on more important matters.

You can also top up your balance from your mobile. You should only have one computer with network access. Generally, the application is free and is available for iOS (in the App Store) and Android (in Google Play), download it and recharge your phone whenever you want.

Get mobile balance

Although the easiest way to top up is online, there are also traditional systems to buy credit. It can be recharged by:

  • A phone call
  • Text message (SMS)
  • Authorized stores and centers
  • Automatic recharge service
  • Balance transfer

Although, some operators differ a bit in the process, they all converge in their purpose: to recharge balance.

Next, we leave you a list so that you can learn in detail the process of mobile recharging in the most important telephone operators in Spain:

Top up mobile from your bank

Although very few people know it, banks also offer the service of recharging mobile balances safely. The truth is that more and more entities are joining that facilitate these payment operations to their customers. This service is provided at ATMs, bank offices or from the bank's platform website so that you do not have to leave home.

Traditional banks in Spain have been providing this service for some time. However, other younger banks have not yet incorporated this technology into their system. Let's see below which are the safest banks to recharge your mobile balance.

Most banks also offer mobile banking service. With it, you can recharge your balance no matter where you are, from the comfort of your cell phone. In general, the list of mobile operators that can be recharged under this modality is quite extensive, so that no one is left out.

Recharge mobiles outside of Spain

Now recharging mobile phones outside of Spain is very easy. When traveling outside of Spain you can continue communicating with family and friends without any problem. Today, there are different telephone operators on the market that provide this service efficiently.

Also, if you have friends and family in other countries, you can also send them a balance by paying in euros. The best way to recharge your mobile abroad is through the web, using your computer or downloading an application to your mobile phone.

There are also face-to-face places that allow you to pay credit to mobiles in other countries. The spaces or establishments where the service exists are: call centers, kiosks, self-service or shops.

We know that being away from your loved ones can be difficult, but thanks to the magic of telecommunications you can feel very close to them. Here we show you several options to keep in touch with your loved ones.

Other different ways to recharge a mobile

The options to recharge the balance of your mobile phone every day are greater. Telephone operators offer you different ways to recharge a mobile, when you do not have access to the network. For example, the authorized agents that offer the recharge service for the different telephone operators or the stores where you can buy prepaid cards.

These prepaid cards come with different amounts that let you choose the amount of money you want to enter your mobile line. Using them is simple, just look for the activation code and recharge instructions on the back.

Recharge or purchase a prepaid card at: kiosks, post or commercial offices, specialized stores, gas stations, supermarkets, supermarkets, travel agencies, call centers, etc.

Unlimited Mobile Internet

There are rates that allow their users browse and download unlimited. In the market there are operators that offer unlimited gigabytes or with a large volume of data, maintaining in most cases the same browsing speed.

Generally, these types of rates can be contracted within packages. In Spain some of the companies that offer infinite or unlimited navigation are: Vodafone and Yoigo. The best thing is that you can make use of them in the rest of the countries of the European Union.

There are also operators that, although their rates are not unlimited, have a large number of almost unlimited gigs to navigate calmly all month. Among those companies are: Movistar, Orange, Simyo, Lowi, MásMóvil and República Móvil.

The prices among the available rates will vary according to the data provided by the telephone company. These range from limited to almost unlimited browsing of up to 50 Gb. A solution for those users who make intensive use of the internet.