Check mobile balance We explain how to do it step by step!

check mobile balance

When we are new to using a particular telephone, sometimes we do not know how to check mobile balance.

For this reason today we present you the ways you can do it from different companies.

Check mobile balance: How to do it?

Follow these steps with each of the telephones according to the one you have:

Check balance in Movistar

If you use Movistar telephony and do not know how to check your mobile balance, you can do it for free and see its expiration date from your private area on the Movistar website (Make click here to enter). To do this, you must select your prepaid line.

Another way you have to check the latest movements is through the My Movistar App or call * 133 # and press the call key. The cost for this consultation is € 0,15 VAT not included

Check your free balance on Vodafone

If you need to know how to check balance on your Vodafone and you do not have an internet connection, you can do it through a text message. But keep in mind that this is only possible if your phone line is prepaid.

To do this, you will have to send a text message to the number 22134 with the code "Balance" and you will receive another SMS where you can read your balance.

Another way that you can check mobile balance It is by entering * 134 # and pressing the call button. If you need to check your Vodafon consumption you must dial * 131 # and press the call key.

Finally, another way you can check your balance is to dial * 123 # and press the call key; followed, you will have to dial 1 and the call key, by pressing 1 again you will be able to check your data consumption and bonuses.

You will receive a text message with the balance, the cost of this service is € 0,18 including VAT.

Check Claro cell balance

If your phone is Claro, to check your balance you can do it through a text message or by means of a phone call.

For the first option you must send an SMS with the word BALANCE to 555 and you will receive another with your detailed balance.

If you have a prepaid phone line, you have two options. The first is by entering the Claro application and selecting the tab that says “prepaid” and then “Balance and consumption”. You will be able to see in detail all the consumptions that you have made.

You can also call * 611 and follow the steps indicated.

Check balance More Mobile

You can do it through your client area in the site from Más Móvil or directly from the app.

If you have a prepaid line, you can check your mobile balance by entering * 113 # on your mobile and pressing the call key.

Check Digi Mobil balance

You can dial * 134 # and press the call key to receive information about your balance. If you wish consult specifically your consumption of megabytes, you must dial * 134 #.

Another option available is to access the private area of ​​the DIGI Mobil account through this link.

Check Lycamobile balance

To check mobile balance enter * 221 # (or 94 #), select send and you can see the balance on your mobile screen. You can also call 221 (or 95 #).

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