Top up mobile with Cubacel

Top up mobile with Cubacel

The Cuban company Cubacel was introduced in the country in 1991, constitutes a department of ETCSA and provides cell phone service throughout the island, covering the main cities of the country, with 2G GSM and WCDMA 3G coverage.

It offers national and international calls, mobile data for internet access, MMS, SMS, balance transfer, roaming and access to the email consultation service. Cubacel has its prepaid rate so that you pay only what you speak.

With Cubacel, it is possible to access the Internet through the mobile network since 2018 and to carry out recharges, the company has face-to-face places, recharges from the Internet, with cards and through commercial offices.

Recharging mobile with Cubacel is very easy. If you want to know the different ways to do it, keep reading our post, here we will tell you in an easy way how to recharge with each of the available ways.

How to recharge mobile with Cubacel

If you are a Cuban citizen or have relatives on the island, recharging your mobile is necessary to stay connected. However, in some cases this can be a cumbersome process, but with Cubacel recharging will take only a few seconds, it is very easy and safe.

Types of recharges

For the convenience of its customers, Cubacel offers different forms of mobile recharge, among which are:

Top up with prepaid cards

With prepaid or recharge cards you can add balance to your mobile for amounts of 5, 10 and 20 Cuban convertible pesos. You will only have to acquire a card with the value to be recharged and follow the instructions that appear on the back.

These cards can be found in the ETECSA commercial network. To recharge in a traditional way brand * 666 and follow the operator's instructions, if you want a faster recharge maraca * 662 * Cod. access #

Recharge in commercial offices

If you want to make a direct recharge, you can go to an ETECSA commercial office to buy your recharge card or use the Transfermóvil application, for a minimum amount of 5 Cuban convertible pesos.

Recharge by Transfermóvil

Transfermóvil is an online payment application belonging to ETECSA that works for Android devices. With a single touch you will have access to an easy and secure system to manage banking services, public services and telecommunications.

To download the application go to the following ETECSA website and click on "Download Transfermóvil Application”. Remember that to use the application you will need a phone with an operating system version greater than 4.4, as well as a motherboard from the Bank to which you belong.



Micro-refills are a money payment service to your prepaid phone line, to increase the main balance and is provided through Transfermóvil and national distributors. This income can go from 1 to 4.99 CUC.

Cubacel micro-recharge

Recharge from the web

If you have a computer with internet, recharging will be faster and safer. Cubacel has an agreement with several official sites where you can make the deposit of money to your telephone line from the web. Some of them are:

Recharge by advancing balance

Since 2019, the service advances balance is part of Cubacel's prepaid mobile telephonyWith this you can advance 1 or 2 Cuban convertible pesos. Simply dial * 234 # from your cell phone and then option 2.

Advance mobile balance

You can also find this service on the Cubacel website in the section Sign in and from Transfermóvil. But to enjoy its benefits you must meet certain conditions, among which are:

  • Have no pending advances
  • Balance equal to or less than 3 cents
  • Not having available Minutes, SMS or Money bonuses
  • Have recharged in the last two months

Face-to-face places abroad

If you are abroad and you have the need to recharge to Cuba, now you can do it from some face-to-face places that you can find in several countries such as: Spain, the US, Germany, Canada, Italy, the United Kingdom, The Bahamas and Ecuador.

These countries have at your disposal to recharge: stores, kiosks, call centers, supermarkets, convenience stores, warehouses, gas stations, travel agencies, Walmart stores, Fullcarga points of sale. Remember that your best allies to recharge are credit or debit cards.

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