Recharge Digitel mobile

Recharge Digitel mobile

Digitel is a telecommunications company oriented towards social service, developing technologies aimed at raising the quality of life, improving information and communication. Its purpose is interconnect people with each other with efficiency and innovation.

Currently Digital uses 4D technology with an access number 412. This company, ranked third, along with Movilnet and Movistar, has an investment strategy based on three fundamental principles: education, health and the environment.

This company offers mobile and fixed telephony services, as well as the latest generation Internet services in the Pre-Payment and Post-Payment modalities. With reliable coverage and personalized attention for all its clients.

Need to recharge Digitel and you don't know how? do not worry you have reached the right place. Here we will explain the different ways you have to recharge this mobile line and the channels available for it: Internet, ATMs, shops, telephone banking, recharge it yourself, Digitel App and interactive SMS.

How to recharge Digitel

Digitel has different channels for its customers to recharge their mobile with ease and not run out of balance. You can save a lot of time recharging from the tranquility of your home with your mobile or pc. But if you are on the street use the ATMs and shops available.

On the Internet there are different recharge websites and even applications. However, they are not authorized by Digitel and the company is not responsible for their use. In this sense, they recommend make use exclusively of traditional recharging mechanisms.

Recharge Digitel from the Internet

From Digitel Online you can top up your balance and pay the bill using your credit card. If you are not registered click on "Register”. In case you are already registered, you only have to enter your phone number with the area code, the password and the code that appears on the screen, finally, press "Sign In" and in "Top up with credit card”You will be able to manage your recharges.

Recharge Digitel from the Internet

Next, a window will appear on the screen where you must write the selected phone number and the amount you want to recharge. In addition, the options will be displayed for you to choose the type of credit card with which you are going to pay, Visa or Mastercard.

Another way available to recharge online is through the on line bank. The banks available to recharge Digitel are: Bancamiga, Bancaribe, Banco Provincial, BNC, Banco de Venezuela, Banco del Tesoro, Banco Mercantil, Banco Bicentenario, Banplus, Banco Activo, Banco Fondo Común, Banco del Sur, Banco Venezolano de Crédito.

If you have an account in some of these banks, enter your online account and recharge easily affiliating the phone number. Once the affiliation of the number you want to recharge has been made, enter the amount and it will immediately be debited from your account and attached to your mobile line.

Top up from ATMs

Recharge through the ATM network of Provincial, Mercantil, Banco de Venezuela and BOD banks This option is available 24 hours a day and to recharge, only You must be a customer of any of the affiliated banks.

Top up balance at ATMs

You must have your debit card from any of the aforementioned banks and once located at the ATM, insert your card and select the Digitel recharge option, enter the telephone number and mark the amount you want to recharge, wait for the notification successful transaction.

Top up from shops

Throughout the national territory there is a network of shops where you can recharge your Digitel line. Some of them are: Digitel Service Centers, FARMAHORRO, Easy Payment, Sigo and Costa Azul Chain, Pagolisto, PayAll Kiosks, Visual Recarga and FARMATODO.

digitel recharge at affiliated stores

Go to any of these points and recharge by paying with your debit card or cash. You just have to provide the phone number to the person in charge of the store, the amount to recharge and that's it!

Recharge Digitel from telephone banking

With a simple call you can have a balance on your Digitel line. Only you must be a bank customer and dial the numbers that we leave here: Banco de Venezuela: 0500-MICLAVE (6425283), Bancaribe: 0500-BANCARIBE (2262274), BBVA Provincial (0500) (5087432. Once you have dialed, follow the instructions of the operator.

Recharge it yourself

recharge at authorized agents

From your own team request your Digitel recharge, without intermediaries and paying directly at kiosks, Smart Stops and Authorized Agents identified with «RECHARGE IT YOURSELF«. To recharge follow the instructions below:

  • Ask the manager of the establishment for a Digitel recharge
  • Dial * 137 * establishment code * amount # to call
  • Cancel to the manager the amount of the recharge
  • Wait on your mobile for the confirmation message

Recharge with the Digitel App

Through the applications for smart devices: Digitel Android App, Digitel iPhone App , BBVA Provinet Mobile y Mercantile Mobile you can recharge from anywhere you are.

Digital applications to recharge

Download the application that suits your mobile and enter by entering your number with the area code and the password that you use in Digitel online, if you still do not have it, register here. With the Digitel App you can recharge, consult and carry out operations with your line.

Interactive SMS Top-ups

Just by sending a text message you will have the opportunity to recharge Digitel. This option is available to customers of the Bank of Venezuela Sending an SMS to 2661 or 2662 from your number affiliated with Clave Móvil with the word Digitel Service, the number to recharge and the amount with decimals.

Also for clients of bancaribbean By sending the letter R to 22741, followed by the cell phone number to recharge, the acronym of the account to be debited CC or CA. You will receive a message with the available recharge options. Send another message with the letter of the option to recharge. Finally you will receive a confirmation message.

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