Top up mobile from Dominican Republic

In this article we will teach you how to recharge the mobile of a family member or friend who is in the Dominican Republic. We are aware that being away from your loved ones can be difficult, but thanks to the magic of telecommunications you can feel close to them. Recharging mobile from the Dominican Republic is easier than it seems.

Top up mobile from Dominican Republic

The telephone operators that lead the market in the Dominican Republic are 4:

  1. CLEAR. Company with Mexican capital that provides fixed, mobile, internet and pay television services.
  2. ORANGE. It belongs to Altice, based in Amsterdam. Its forte is in mobile telephony and the internet.
  3. TRICOM. Also part of the Altice group, this company is part of the French conglomerate. Its strong point is pay television, however, it also provides mobile telephony.
  4. VIVA. This company is owned by the Dominican Republic. It promises to be at the forefront of the big ones, as it is in the process of reaching 4G technology.
Operators to recharge mobile phones in the Dominican Republic

Top up Dominican Republic mobile online

On the web we can find several pages specialized in mobile recharges, some of them exclusively dedicated to mobile recharging in the Dominican Republic. We present some of them: On this page, mobile top-ups are fast (It only takes a few seconds) and very safe. You can add credit to Altice Dominicana, Claro Dominicana or other operators in that country 24 hours a day. You just have to fill out the online recharge form on your Web page.

WorldRemit. It is the easiest way to send airtime recharge from a computer, smartphone or tablet. With WorldRemit, add instant recharges to mobile operators such as Claro, Orange, Tricom and Viva. Access from the page

Balance recharges by this means are subject to commission charges. It is important to mention that the recipients of the Orange operator only receive 70% of the value of the recharge due to the fact that taxes are deducted on local balance recharges.

web pages to recharge mobile from Dominican Republic

Thing. It is considered one of the largest cell phone recharge companies in the world. Top-ups to the Dominican Republic are sent through, is compatible with Claro, Orange and Viva mobile operators from the Dominican Republic. It is a Spanish online store that deals with the marketing of Spanish and international mobile phone recharges since 2011.

How to recharge a mobile phone in the Dominican Republic with a card?

How to recharge a mobile phone in the Dominican Republic with a card?

The online recharge pages to the Dominican Republic, previously exposed, provide a fast, simple and safe service. For this, they have collaboration agreements with the operators Claro, Orange, Tricom and Viva.

Each page will present you with a form where you must write the mobile number, then you must select the mobile operator and indicate the amount to recharge.

Once you have completed the previous fields, you must click on the "reload" or "continue" button (depending on the page). You will immediately be referred to another entry, where you will be asked to enter your credit or debit card details. Depending on the recharge page, you can receive an SMS on your mobile immediately, confirming the payment and the recharge. It's that simple to recharge any mobile phone in the Dominican Republic, without having to leave your home or office and without having to look for other recharge points.

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