How to recharge Iliad


Iliad is a French prepaid card operator, an operator that in recent years has made a significant gap between all those users who do not want or cannot pay a monthly fee and whose only option to stay in touch is through a prepaid card.

The number of options available for recharge Iliad prepaid phone cards They are very wide, since we can use from traditional banking methods to the different recharging points that this company has throughout the country.

If you want to know the different methods available to recharge an Iliad prepaid cardI invite you to keep reading until you find the one that best suits your needs or possibilities.

How to recharge Iliad

From the phone

As is customary in all prepaid cards, whether bank or telephone (the most used), the simplest method is to use the app for mobile layout, as long as we have a credit or debit card at our disposal.

However, Iliad does not have, at the moment an application for mobile devices, so the only method we have to manage recharges is through its website from our smartphone or tablet through this link.

Through the Iliad website, we can use atVisa or Mastercard debit or debit card. It also allows us to recharge these accounts with prepaid cards from PayPal and Postepay and making a charge to our checking account.

iliad app

We can also establish that the recharge is automatic, that is, when we run out of balance or every month, a recharge is automatically made, the amount of which will be charged to the card that we have associated in the application.

If this is the first time you recharge us, the first thing we must do is associate a credit card, credit card that will remain associated with our account.

We will likely have to use the application of our bank to confirm the recharge process for the first time. Once we have made the first recharge, we will no longer need our bank's application.

We can do refills of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 or 50 euros, through the section Recarica il tuo Número.

It also allows us know the balance at all times and consult the details of the calls and SMS that we have sent.

If the balance recharge is carried out by our checking accountWe must bear in mind that we need the IBAN of the account to enter it in the application and that, in addition, the process is slower than if we use a credit card.

When using this method, the time it takes for the recharge to reach the device can be 2 to 3 days, depending on whether we recharge on a weekend or a holiday falls in between.

From a computer

Si you don't have your smartphone at hand, you can make a recharge through a computer visiting the web from this link.

recharge iliad

Once we have entered our account information along with your password, in the right column, we go to Consume Credit. Next, we must enter the name of the cardholder, along with the expiration date and the CVV (the 3 digits behind credit and debit cards).

Through this section, we can also enter the data of our bank account so that make a balance transfer to our prepaid card. We also have the option of configuring the account that we have established so that it is the default when it comes to recharging automatically for a certain time.

As if we use the application for mobile devices, if you use this method, we need the full IBAN from our account. This method takes an average of 2 to 3 days, depending on whether we recharge during a weekend or on a public holiday.

It is important be cautious and anticipate to the end date of our rate so as not to wait for the last day and remain incommunicado during the days it takes for the transfer to arrive.

With PayPal

One of the payment platforms most widespread and popular all over the world, is PayPal, a company that Elon Musk founded with other people and that has been with us for more than 20 years.

This platform is ideal for buy online safely, since it allows us to make payments through an email account without having to use our bank card, a bank card that is only available within the platform to make payments when there is not enough balance in our account.

recharge balance online

If we have a PayPal account, we can use it to recharge our Iliad prepaid card. Until recently, we could buy this type of card at any merchant, but unfortunately for some time they are no longer available, however, if we have the option to recharge an Iliad prepaid card from this platform.

Lottery administrations

Another method that the guys from Iliad make available to all the clients of this French operator is to use the different positions of lottery administrations spread throughout the country.

In these places, we can use both a credit and debit card or use cash.

Simbox Terminals

In addition to allowing us to recharge our Iliad prepaid card through the application and the lottery administrations, users also have the option of recharging their prepaid cards through the different Simbox terminals that the company has spread throughout the country.

These terminals are generally found in shopping malls, metro, bus and train stations and other very crowded places. The only payment method that we can use to recharge our prepaid Iliad account is using a credit or debit card from any bank, a PayPal or Postepay card.

Sisal Terminals

The Sisal terminals, similar to Simbox, and which are also found in shopping centers, transport stations and quite crowded places, it also allows us to recharge our prepaid Iliad card.

As with the Simbox terminals, the only method available is to use a credit or debit card from any bank.

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