Recharge cell phone to Ecuador

Recharging cell phone to Ecuador is easy

We will teach you how to recharge the mobile balance of a family member or friend who is in Ecuador. We are aware that being away from your loved ones can be difficult, but thanks to the magic of telecommunications you can feel close to them. Recharging cell phone to Ecuador is easier than it seems.

Many people have asked us how to recharge cell phones to Ecuador from abroad? How to make international recharges from Spain? We have prepared this little tutorial for them.

The telephone operators that lead the market in Ecuador are 3:

  1. Clear. The communications company Conecel, popularly known by its commercial name Claro, began its operations with GSM technology in 2003. Currently, it is providing the services of 4G LTE network such as video calling and high speed internet access.
  2. Movistar. Belonging to the Otecel company, it began its operations with CDMA technology in 2002. Currently it provides services of 3.5G broadband with UMTS / HSDPA technology in the 1900 MHz band.
  3. CNT. The National Telecommunications Corporation, CNT, is a company with little experience in the mobile communication market, however, it offers a service that has not stopped growing. Like Claro, it has its own network and provides LTE technology.
operators to recharge cell phones to Ecuador

Recharge cell phone to Ecuador online

On the web we can find several pages specialized in mobile recharges, some of them dedicated exclusively to mobile recharging to Ecuador. We present some of them: This company offers daily deals for international transfers and its service is safe and reliable. You can recharge your cell phone to Ecuador from Claro, Movistar or CNT with total confidence, because they guarantee 100% all transactions. You can pay by credit card, JCB or PayPal. It is a top-up and money transfer company, characterized by protecting and securing your personal information. Payments have a money-back guarantee, if your counterpart does not receive the balance or amount sent. From this portal you can recharge mobile to Ecuador from Claro and Movistar. It is the easiest way to send airtime recharge from a computer, smartphone or tablet. With this company, you add instant recharges to the Claro, Movistar and CNT mobile operators. Like the previous companies, balance recharges are subject to commission charges. With doctorSIM you can recharge cell phones to Ecuador in the Claro, Movistar and CNT operators, easily. The recharge will be effective immediately and you will be notified with an SMS when your counterpart has the balance sent. If you are a regular user of this company, activate your email to receive promotions from time to time.

All doctorSIM online recharges are completely transparent and guaranteed. They show you the cost of the service so you know exactly how much to pay and avoid last minute surprises.

recharge cell phone to Ecuador online

How to recharge balance to Ecuador?

The pages to recharge cell phones to Ecuador online, previously exposed, provide a fast, simple and safe service. For this, they have collaboration agreements with the operators Claro, Movistar and CNT.

Each page has its own form where you must write the mobile number to recharge, select the mobile operator in Ecuador and indicate the amount to recharge. Basically, on all online recharge pages, the procedure is similar.

Some of these companies allow you to make payments with PayPal. With this system the procedure is simpler and safer. You just have to register your PayPal account on the page that will mediate the recharge and every time you want to send a balance, just write the mobile number of your family member or friend and click on pay with PayPal. It's that easy and fast!

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