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TV Express is a well-known Brazilian telecommunications company, oriented to local service and whose goal is that people interconnect with each other. The well-known Brazilian operator develops new technologies, offers improvements in information and communication, in addition to having different service plans for its clients.

Currently TV Express is one of the strongest companies in the country, providing consumers with all services, including fixed telephony, mobile telephony, Internet access and television. The company ranks in the top ten in the country, being one of the companies with the greatest increase in customers in 2021.

Do you need to recharge TV Express and don't know how? Do not worry about it, you have reached the indicated site. We explain the different ways you will have to recharge the mobile line and all the available methods: ATMs, Internet, physical stores, official application of the company, among others.

How to recharge TV Express

TV Express has several channels so that customers can recharge their mobile phone comfortably and never be left without being able to call. The ease of being able to recharge from home, either from the mobile or the PC, but if you are away you will be able to do it from shops and ATMs.

There are several recharge pages on the Internet, including several applications that do the same job. TV Express does not have them as authorized, it is not responsible for the use. The well-known company recommends making exclusive use of traditional services.

Recharge TV Express from the Internet

From TV Express online you can recharge and pay the monthly bill using your credit card. If you have not previously registered, click on "Register", if you are registered you just have to enter the phone number and the area code to log in.

Once you have entered the data, it will show you the recharge options, among them it will be to do it with a credit card, one of the fastest and most reliable options. For this you have to do it through the official TV Express page, then follow the next steps.

Next, it will show you a screen where you have to enter the phone number and the amount you want to top up. In addition, it will show you to choose what type of card it is, Visa or Mastercard, in addition to giving some varied options, among them there may be the PayPal service to also make the payment.

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Another way to recharge online is through online banking. The banks to recharge are the following: Banco Santander (Brazil), Banco Itaú, Banco Safra, Central Bank of Brazil, Banco do Nordeste, BTG Pactual, Nubank, Unibanco, Banco Votorantim, Unibanco, C6 Bank, Caixa Econômica Federal, Banrisul and Banco Sofisa.

If you have an account at one of those banks, Access the page with your data and access the option of mobile recharges, choosing your company followed by the number and the amount to recharge. Once you have entered everything, click on "Confirm" and wait for the recharge to become active, this may take a few minutes.

Top up from ATMs

Recharge through the ATMs of the banks Banco Itaú, Banco Safra, Central Bank of Brazil, Banco do Nordeste, BTG Pactual, Nubank, Unibanco, Banco Votorantim, Unibanco, C6 Bank, Caixa Econômica Federal, Banrisul, Banco Sofisa and Banco Santander (Brazil). The option will be available 24 hours a day to recharge, for this you have to be a customer of the banks affiliated with the operator.

You have to have a debit card from one of the banks mentioned and once at the ATM, insert the card and choose the TV Express recharge option. Once selected, the operator enters the phone number and the amount to recharge, and finally wait for the recharge to be notified by message to the mobile phone.

Top up from shops

A network of shops are available throughout the territory where the TV Express line can be recharged. Some of those available are: TV Express Service Center, MFC Recarga, New Express and Zoom Brasil. All these sites accept recharges in cash and by credit card (VISA or Mastercard), all with a minimum recharge imposed by the operator.

Go to one of the points, all this by providing the phone number to recharge with the amount, it will be immediate, not taking just a minute to arrive. The recharge will be notified with a warning message, in which you will confirm that it has a duration of one month.

Recharge TV Express from telephone banking

With a call you can have a balance on your TV Express line. You just have to be a bank customer and dial the numbers, each of the banks has codes that will provide you when you need it. Depending on each bank, you will have four digits and a pass code.

Top up with the official App

Through the application for mobile devices, TV Express Android App, but soon it will reach other systems, in which Apple's iOS is. Huawei phones have the option of the well-known Aurora Store to install it, in addition to using the Gspace service to use it.

Download the application for the Android system, enter the username / phone and the password you use in TV Express online, if you have not registered yet, you can do it from here. With the TV Express application you can download, make online operations and all kinds of inquiries to the well-known operator.

Recharge yourself

Another way to recharge the TV Express line is by going to authorized kiosks, providing the phone number and the amount. Another option is to recharge in stores that are authorized by the operator, they can be gas stations, specialized equipment and centers, among which are some supermarkets.

Once you have recharged, you should receive a text message to the mobile device with the amount made, in addition, the activation will be automatic. Depending on the chosen rate, you have to enter the same amount for the activation to work again.

Buying gift cards

It is a formula that has been working for a long time, that of acquiring a gift card in a specialized center with the exact amount of the monthly recharge. Many shops and commercial centers usually have this type of card, specifically cards from the TV Express operator.

Stores, businesses and Internet pages allow the acquisition of a recharge cardThe form of payment will vary, being in cash in stores and shops, while the second can be done with a debit card. The customer will have a card, has a number to enter and a verification code.

One of the online pages to purchase a gift card is Ding, for this choose the amount you want and make the purchase through the different payment methods. The connection will be fast, having the card digitally available, with the number and code to redeem it instantly. The service will be activated once it has been redeemed, serving as a gift for another person with the sending of the digital card.

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