Top up mobile Movilnet

Top up mobilenet

Telecommunications Movilnet CA, better known as Movilnet, is one of the leading companies in the mobile telephony sector in Venezuela. It has almost 50% of the mobile telephone lines in the country. Recharging Movilnet is very easy, we will show you how to do it.

Recharge Movilnet with the Unique Electronic Virtual Card

Recharge Movilnet with the Unique Electronic Virtual Card

The communications company Movilnet enabled its commercial offices throughout the country for the sale of the single electronic virtual card, especially aimed at prepaid and postpaid subscribers.

This is You can purchase with a debit card from your bank or through your mobile wallet of the national card. When making the payment, they will send you a 16-digit code by SMS or email, which you must activate on your mobile device by dialing * 21.

Enter the website, where you can find the hours and addresses of Movilnet's commercial offices, as well as the authorized Cantv agents, where this service is also available.

Recharge Movilnet with the Un1ca Card

In July 2018, Movilnet eliminated the issuance of the Un1ca Card for sale. However, recently the company has announced the return of this form of recharging. For this reason we have considered it prudent to explain its mode of use.

The Un1ca Card not only allows you to recharge Movilnet, you can also use it to pay the rent of your CANTV landline, public telephone or the Cantv satellite television service. With it you can make local calls, national and international long distance and mobile.

The back of the card shows the secret code that you must reveal carefully to use it and a barcode.

How to use it

By carefully revealing the secret code (PIN) found on the back of the card, you can recharge Movilnet in the following ways:

You can also recharge Movilnet text messages by dialing * text (* 83986) + secret code + call key.

How to recharge Movilnet online

We have already seen the traditional way of recharging by buying a Un1ca Movilnet Card and activating it by entering the official Movilnet page. Now we will see other ways to use the internet to recharge Movilnet through banks.

Recharge Movilnet by Banco de Venezuela

Top up mobilenet in BDV

To recharge Movilnet by Banco de Venezuela, you must be a registered user of BDV online.

1.- You enter by entering your debit or credit card number and your password.

BDV online to recharge mobilenet

2.- Once inside, you can see the "Payments" section, located in the left column of the page. Click on it and select "payment of services".

section payments for mobile recharge movilnet

3.- A new page will open where you must select the “type of service” and the “service to pay”. A page will open again where you must indicate if it is a frequent payment previously registered or if you are going to recharge a mobile not previously registered.

register mobile recharge payment

4.- Next, select the amount to recharge according to the options that appear in the drop-down list.

5.- The system will ask you to verify two codes on your coordinate card or enter a code that the online BDV will automatically send to your mobile via SMS.

6, - Once the code is confirmed, you will immediately receive a balance at the indicated telephone number.

Recharge Movilnet by Banco Banesco

mobile top-up mobilenet with banesco

To recharge your Movilnet balance through Banco Banesco, you must be a registered user of Banesco online.

1.- Enter in and then on Banesco Online. Write your username and click accept; write your password and click accept.

Enter banesco online to recharge movilnet

2.- Click on the option "Directory of Payments and / or Transfers" located on the left row of the page. Select "Personal."

directory of payments to recharge movilnet

3.- Go to the bottom of the page and click on "include".

include mobile number in banesco

4.- After in the option type you click on "Movilnet". Write the Alias ​​with which you will identify the operation, Name of the Beneficiary and Telephone Number.

select mobilenet to recharge

5.- The system then sends you the Special Operations password to your mobile phone or email, depending on what you have configured. Write this code in the space designated for it. This process is necessary to add the Movilnet number to recharge whenever you want.

6.- Now when you want to recharge Movilnet, you only have to select the option "Other Payments / Taxes" located in the left row of the page, click on "Directory" and choose the mobile to recharge.

Choose mobilenet from the drop-down list
payment to recharge movilnet

7.- Select the account number to debit the amount of the recharge. Write the amount to recharge and validate the operation. You will receive your balance immediately.

Account to be debited for the movilnet mobile recharge
successful mobile recharge operation

Recharge Movilnet with other banks

We have explained how to recharge Movilnet at Banco de Venezuela and Banco Banesco with details, as they are the main banks in the country.

However, you can recharge in a similar way at Banco del Tesoro, Banco Venezolano de Crédito, 100% bank, Banco Exterior, Banco Fondo Común, Banco Bicentenario and Bancaribe.

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    • The problem is intermittent, one day it can be recharged and another not. They have already repaired the platform and are receiving recharges from mobile banking

  2. Good night. I cannot recharge my line by any means. I've been like this for two months now. The number is 04160900658. I appreciate your help. Thanks

  3. Good night, gentlemen of the company movilnet, I have 3 months trying to recharge my phones, it is not possible by any means to recharge my number is 04268861300belkys

  4. Hello, good afternoon, blessings, I have two months without a balance on my cell phone because I did the recharge through the Venezuelan bank and I lost them, I need information on how to recharge I need to continue with my line thanks 04261433296

  5. Good
    Since the pandemic began, I have not been able to pay, request a balance, or invoice my postpaid celuar movilnet account.
    The credit card is no longer paying the bill, nor have I been able to do it through Banco de Venezuela, nor BBVA, nor Banco del Tesoro. I have also not been successful when requesting an invoice through the internet, I entered a cantv email and now it does not open
    Please indicate detailed account and payment method

  6. Everything is a job done without enthusiasm, the government of the interim president of Venezuela will be in charge of fixing the other position most elected by the citizens who vote.

  7. Good morning I have two days trying to recharge my balance and I have not been able to 04167544499 I am from Rio Claro Edo Lara Parish Juarez

  8. Good night, I have already 15 days trying to recharge through the Venezuelan bank and I have not been able to do it from other banks and I am still waiting or did I lose the money? my number is 04169587430

    • Movilnet enabled the number 04166316892 to make claims through the social network WhatsApp. If you have recharged and you have not received a balance on your mobile, you can send them the screenshot by WhatsApp and they agree to add it to your mobile balance.

  9. I think that Movilnet loses money by not having the balance formation system active and at the same time letting its clients pay a 40% robbery for recharging their cell phone line. I never had communication problems and now it is a disaster not to count on the efficiency of your service. If you continue in these conditions, your customers will go to other operators that provide them with a more efficient service. Imagine 10 million customers who pay 40% of overcharge x 300.000 how much is it?

    • Certainly Movilnet has declined a lot. It went from being the first mobile service company to the last. The problems to recharge Movilnet are becoming more and more recurrent and the browsing speed is lousy. However, it is still a solution for low-income people, as its rates are the cheapest on the market.


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