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Paysafecard is one of the methods that has gained the most popularity in recent years when it comes to buy products in digital format, so its main use is for the payment of games or subscriptions of all kinds. A checking account is not necessary since it is a platform that allows us to recharge our card as if it were a wallet.

This platform offers us a 16-digit code, a code that we must enter on the platform where we want to make a payment. Unlike prepaid bank cards, or prepaid mobile lines, to buy a paysafecard no need to provide any personal data, although with limited options, since the maximum purchase we can make is 50 euros.

If on the contrary, we registerWe can manage all payments through its website, we can request a physical paysafecard Mastercard with which we can pay at any store in the world, we can add a PIN for use to protect purchases and we can make purchases of up to 1.000 euros.

In addition, we have at our disposal a application for iOS and Android mobile devices, with which we can comfortably manage all the movements of our account, check the available balance, the points of sale closest to our location, in addition to allowing us to comfortably pay for digital purchases that we make by scanning the QR code that is displayed on the screen of purchase.

The paysafecard app for iOS, requires at least iOS 13 or higher and it is compatible with both iPhone and iPod touch. The application is translated into Spanish despite the promotional images indicating otherwise.


The paysafecard app for Android requires at least Android version 5.0. Although the images available in the Play Store are not in Spanish, the application is translated into Spanish.

Where can I buy paysafecard cards

The number of businesses where They sell cards paysafecard is very wide, and we can find it in practically any business that has something to do with technology, such as Carrefour, Beep, Game, Fnac, MediaMarkt, PCBOX, Telecor, Worten ... but in addition, we can also buy this type of cards in El Corte Inglés, Caprabo, Eroski, OpenCor, SuperCor, Repsol gas stations, tobacconists ...

Where can I use the paysafecard?

As I mentioned above, paysafecard is a method for making purchases of digital goods, be it games, subscription services ... At present, we can use our paysafecard card with the Epic Games Store, in the Microsoft store, in the play station store, on the Xbox Store, at Google Play, DropZone, Deezer, Spotify, Steam...

paysafecard card

How much does paysafecard cost

Registered paysafecard cards have a annual fee of 9,90 euros, a rate of 4% each time we make a deposit into the account, has a withdrawal rate of 3% in withdrawals at ATMs with a minimum of 3,5 euros and a foreign currency conversion rate of 2%.

How to recharge paysafecard

To find a paysafecard point of saleWhether you are a registered user of this platform or not, you can use the application for mobile devices and thus find, based on your location, the closest point.

With the mobile app

As I have mentioned, paysafecard is available in two modes: without registration and with registration. If we use the registered version, we have at our disposal the paysafecard Mastercard, a card that works just like any other credit card, so we can use it to pay at any establishment in the world, withdraw money from ATMs ...

With the application for mobile devices, we can top up the available balance using a credit or debit card, but only if we are registered users of paysafecard. If you are not registered on the platform, you cannot use the application for anything other than to locate nearby points of sale.

paysafecard with mobile

From your website

Si you don't want to leave home To top up your paysafecard, you can use Your Website to recharge. Through this same page we can also find all the businesses near us that offer us prepaid paysafecard cards and that also allow us to buy recharges.

This same information about the paysafecard recharge points of sale, also we have it at our disposal in the app for iOS and Android mobile devices.

This is the fastest and easiest method when we want take advantage of a one-off offer or significant discount offered by the different gaming platforms, offers that sometimes only last a day or even a few hours, so we must always have a balance on the card.


The method faster and easier to reload a paysafecard is using any available ATM. To recharge, it is necessary to use a credit or debit card, although in some ATMs there is the possibility of introducing cash to recharge our paysafe card.

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Another of the establishments found in all towns are tobacconists. In this type of establishment, we can buy prepaid cards of 10, 20 and 50 euros.

In these shops we can pay so much in cash as with a credit or debit card, if the business has a POS.

ONCE points of sale and lottery administrations

ONCE vendors, in addition to selling coupons, also allow us recharge paysafecard via a recharge code. They can be paid in cash or by credit card if you have a POS.

In rural areas of India, families in charge of a blind minor frequently isolate and deprive him/her of the care and attention they provide to their other children; such situation becomes even more severe among lower-caste families, orphans and if the blind child is a girl.  Lottery administrations We can also conveniently recharge our paysafecard account using cash or a credit or debit card.

Computer stores

Being a product intended for users who enjoy games, from the list of establishments where we can buy paysafecard cards, computer stores such as PCBOX and large shopping malls for electronic products such as MediaMarkEl Corte InglesFnacTeleCorGAME stores...

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