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PCS MasterCard is a type of reloadable prepaid card. Thanks to it, you can make all kinds of purchases with total security and privacy, since it is not linked to any type of bank account and is acquired at the points of sale without giving any type of documentation or registration, it is only associated with your mobile phone . A way of buying similar to prepaid mobile telephony and, like this one, you will also have to proceed to the refill PCS when your balance runs out.

If you still do not have a PCS MasterCard, you should know that it is a perfect card for online purchases, for all those who do not have a bank account, such as the teenagers, or for trips abroad with greater confidence. This service arrived in France in 2010 thanks to the company CreaCard SA, and little by little it has been spreading to other countries, such as Spain.

CreaCard SA managed to raise more than 3 million euros of financing for its brand Prepaid Cash Services (PCS) And now it is a leader in this market for prepaid cards for purchases, sending money, withdrawing money at ATMs, online payments, etc. It was even awarded the "Best International Prepaid Card" award at the Prepadi365 Card Awards, repeating in 2013. It will be for a reason ...

Well, if you want to have one or you already have one and you need to know how to proceed, in this tutorial you will see the steps to follow to know how to recharge PCS step by step.

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About the PCS card

Before proceeding to explain the PCS recharge of the card step by step, it would be interesting to know a little more about how to get this card or how it can be used. The highlights are:

  • Get the PCS card: can be obtained in any of the thousands of points of sale scattered throughout the country or also buy it online.
  • Price range: you can buy it for € 9,90 for the normal version or pay + € 5 for the PREMIUM option, with which you can handle more money per day for those who have a more luxurious lifestyle.
  • Card Quantity: you can have up to 4 PCS cards per associated mobile phone.
  • Balance limit: a card has a limit of 3 recharge coupons per day, and a maximum balance of € 500 to recharge per day. On the other hand, the PREMIUM allows you to reach € 4500 per day of recharge.

Card activation

Once you have your PCS card, you cannot just use it, but you must activate it. To do this, it is as simple as sending an SMS to the service of your country with the word PIN in capital letters and followed by 8 digit number. Once a few seconds pass, it will send you a PIN that cannot be modified by SMS. It is already activated and ready to use, since the activation is immediate.

Remember that the PIN is a confidential code that allows you to withdraw money at ATMs or authorize purchases. Therefore, it should only be known to the owner.

Check the balance of my cards

From your mobile phone associated with the Mastercard PCS card you can easily check the balance, you just have to send a message with the word BALANCE followed by the last four digits of your card number and you will receive an SMS with the remaining balance.

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Step-by-step PCS recharge

There are several methods to refill PCS. One of them can also be done from different payment methods on the web, or from its official app for Android and iOS mobile devices. Whatever the method, you should know that there are several amounts available for recharges, ranging from a minimum of € 20 to € 200 or more.

You also have at your disposal the MyPCS mobile app that you can download for free from Google Play for Android devices and from the App Store for iOS. From it you can do a multitude of operations:

  • Check the balance and transactions made.
  • Access extra services.
  • Recharge PCS from a recharge coupon or from your bank card.
  • Download your RIB / IBAN to share.
  • Send or receive transfers.
  • Transfer money from one PCS card to another PCS.
  • Check your card information.
  • Lock and unlock the card whenever you want.

For PCS recharge, the steps are:

  1. Once the app is downloaded and installed, you can open it on your mobile associated with the PCS card.
  2. Identify yourself with the information it asks for.
  3. Once you access the menu, you will see the recharge option. In it, you just have to follow the steps that it shows you, such as entering the amount of the recharge, the data of the coupon or your bank account, confirm, and that's it.

Immediately you can use the balance without waitingas long as no error has occurred. Check that you followed the steps properly, the most common errors are not sending the messages as requested, or having entered a wrong digit, etc.

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