applications to recharge your mobile

Best applications to recharge your mobile

With the advancement of technology, the actions we took to carry out certain tasks have been changing. Proof of this is the way in which the recharges of our cell phones have evolved. Well, just a few years ago, the only way that existed was to buy a card of ...

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top up Bolivia mobile from abroad

Top up mobile from Bolivia

In this article we will teach you how to recharge the mobile of a family member or friend who is in Bolivia. More and more companies dedicated to mobile recharge of Bolivia are added from abroad, you just have to enter your cell phone number and follow the steps to complete the balance recharge. It's a fast service ...

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Mobile USSD Codes

USSD mobile codes

The technology of unstructured supplementary service data USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) is a protocol that sends information in real time to your mobile, in the form of remote actions, when it receives a specific code. In other words, USSD codes are short commands that the owner of the phone types on the keyboard ...

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IP telephony, also called VOIP.

IP telephony

IP telephony, also called VOIP. It is a modern type of high-tech communication that allows you to use your phone over the Internet or any other IP network to make calls, video communication, international and long distance faxes in real time. It consists of a telephone connection that can be classified according to ...

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