Recharge Santander mobile

Top up your mobile balance quickly and safely, from the comfort of your home, office or ATMs, through Santander bank. Do not run out of balance on your Mobile line, learning how to recharge Santander mobile where and when it suits you.

Recharge Santander mobile comfortably

Now going to the bank offices is no longer your only option. Santander bank has a wide variety of channels to recharge your mobile: website, ATMs, commercial office, Santander Río App and telephone banking.

How to recharge Santander mobile online?

How to recharge Santander mobile online?

To recharge your mobile with Banco Santander online, you must enter with your NIF or username and previously registered access code. To do this, direct your browser to the Santander bank's home page and click on the section Customer access.

Enter to recharge mobile Santander

1.- Once inside, go to the section Payments and Transfers

2.- Select the Recharge mobile option

3.- Enter the mobile operator you want to recharge:

• Ono • Carrefour Mobile

• E plus • Orange

• Eroski mobile • Orbitel mobile

• Euskaltel • Pepephone

• Happy mobile • Simyo

• Lebara mobile • Vectone

• More mobile • Vodafone

• MoviStar • Yoigo

4.- Enter the phone number and amount to recharge

5.- Select the card with which you want to recharge (credit or debit)

6.- Confirm the recharge and voila, it's that easy, the cell phone will already be recharged

Top up mobile from the Banco Santander App

Top up mobile from the Banco Santander App

The Banco Santander mobile application is completely free and it is available for iOS and Android. You can download it from the App Store and Google Play. From the Banco Santander App application, recharge your phone whenever you want.

Banco Santander mobile application

To access, complete the requested fields with the same data that you enter in Santander online. Here you can recharge all the mobile numbers that you have ever recharged from internet banking. In the "Payments and Recharges" section you will see a list with all the mobile numbers available to recharge.

Select the cell phone number you want to recharge, enter the amount to be credited and that's it. If you need to check or save the receipts of your recharges, you can print them from Santander online.

This application is not the only one to recharge Santander mobile, there are also others, for example, the Mobile Supernet App is a Banco Santander application for smartphones. It's like having an office on your mobile, because apart from recharging you can check the status of your accounts or cards, see the stock prices in the national market, make transfers and other online banking operations.

access to supernet

The recharge mode with mobile applications requires that the device used has an iOS or Android operating system, with Internet access and that meets the basic conditions necessary for the provision of the service. The costs of browsing the App will be those charged by the mobile phone company and Santander bank will not be responsible for the failures of the application.

Recharge Santander mobile from ATMs

Recharge Santander mobile from ATMs

With your Santander debit card you can recharge your mobile by going to any ATM of the Santander group. Operations carried out at an ATM may be subject to a commission charge. Before doing so, check with your branch or by calling our call center at 915 123 123.

To recharge your personal mobile through ATMs, follow these steps:

  • Select the Purchase operation
  • Mobile Option
  • Select the company that provides the service
  • enter the amount and it will be automatically credited to the phone

Recharge your mobile by SMS

Recharge Santander mobile with an SMS

In Santander Rio (Argentina) you can recharge by sending an SMS. To do this, you need to have your username and Password Santander Río. Register your mobile number and enable all the numbers you want, previously entering Online Banking in the Mobile Banking section.

It is important to identify each number with a pseudonym, for example “Pedro”. Then send an SMS to 22322 with the word "recharge", followed by the amount plus the pseudonym, for example: Top-up 10 Pedro. Ready, the beneficiary and you will receive a notification by SMS informing that the recharge has been carried out successfully. The cost of each SMS will depend on the mobile phone company that provides the customer service. In addition, the device must be capable of this technology, be switched on and within the coverage area.

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